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Waterproof Socks for Men and Women - Warm and Breathable

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Waterproof Socks Ideal For Hiking, Running, Outdoor Activities and Other Sports

When you're walking or running, getting your feet wet doesn't just mean cold feet, but painful blisters will develop, and if you're far from your destination, this can become very painful and ruin your entire trip!

Whether you're walking in the rain, crossing a stream, or falling into a puddle while running, these triple-layered socks will keep your feet moist, comfortable and 100% dry.

These waterproof socks are designed for casual outdoor activities in cold, wet weather where you need to keep your feet dry.

This new generation of waterproof socks is built using the best-in-class lamination and composition technology to improve the existing bulky construction of classic waterproof socks.

Product Specification

  • Gender: WOMEN, MEN
  • Hose Height: Knee-High
  • Finger-separated: No
  • Sport Type: Cycling
  • Feature: Waterproof; Breathable; Windproof
  • Size:S, M, L, XL
  • Gender 2:Men and Women
  • Sport type 01:Cycling, Walking, Hiking, Climbing
  • Sport type 02:Skateboarding, Running, Skiing, Fishing

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