Double Lines Contour Color Art Marker Pens For DIY Scrapbooking - Secret Shopping Stuff

Double Lines Contour Color Art Marker Pens For DIY Scrapbooking

Outline Marker Pen with Double Lines

8 pcs/set Outline Marker Pen with Double Lines for Greeting Cards, DIY Accounts, Personality Posters, and Paintings

The double outline marker pen has an optical fiber nib for easier usage and comes in eight colors for a two-line pattern.

Before each use, shake the pen with the tip of the pen, then tap the pen tip three times to drain the ink.

The marker pen is safe for the environment, healthful, and non-toxic. Suitable for importing notes, with clear and smooth writing and a bright design.

The package is sleek and lovely, and the color-changing pen likes coloring.

The pen's tip is wear- and pressure-resistant, and the foreign ink writes nicely.


  • What colors are included? Black, Purple, Orange, Sky-Blue, Blue, Navy, Pink, Green, Grass, Yellow, Golden, Watermelon
    1. Before each usage, shake the pen up and down to mix the links.
    2. To connect, continuously push the pen tip three times.
    3. Avoid squeezing the tip when writing.
    4. Please remember to replace the cap immediately after usage.
  • Keep Yourself Amused While At Home
    Are you at home? Why not reward yourself with a creative and enjoyable craft project? These magical contour markers make sketching and doodling so much fun!
  • The whole family will have a good time
    Our magic outline markers are popular with both parents and children. With these magically appearing multi-colored outline markers, you can draw and doodle for hours on end.
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    Especially when it comes to keeping children entertained. That is exactly what our magical outline markers are capable of.
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    Craft fantastic DIY posters and cards for family and friends, or simply doodle and sketch to relieve tension after a hard day at work. Our magic outline markers are a lot of fun for the whole family.